Sewer Line Inspections

Sewer Line Home Inspections In Colorado Springs

All Season Home Inspections is the premier home and commercial inspection company in Colorado Springs. We use our state-of-the-art technology and years of experience to ensure we complete thorough inspections. Sewer line inspections help make sure your home’s main sewer lines are in tip-top shape and don’t require any attention. Sewer line pipes wear down over time and can have extensive damage caused by a variety of factors, and the last thing you want to worry about is sewer lines backing up into your home. We use a sewer line scope to conduct our sewer line inspections and make sure your Colorado Springs home isn’t at risk of extensive damage.

Sewer Line Concerns

As time goes on, the chances of your sewer lines becoming blocked or having root intrusions increase. At All Season Home Inspections, our sewer line inspections cover the four main areas of concern when it comes to sewer line damage: breaks, shifts, intrusions and deterioration. Whether you’re interested in buying a home, or it’s been decades since you scheduled a sewer line inspection, it’s important to have these sewer line concerns addressed and make sure your sewer lines are working properly.


Breaks in sewer lines are usually caused by age and weakened sewer line material. You may have a break if you’re experiencing an odor coming from your drains, persistent clogs in your home’s drains, water stains in your basement or a foul-smelling lawn. If you do have a sewer line break, our thorough inspection will be able to detect it and determine how severe the sewer line break is.


When the ground shifts and moves, especially during earthquakes, it’s common for sewer line joints to become misaligned. If these joints shift, then it becomes a lot more difficult for your sewer lines to work efficiently. While any type of sewer line can shift, those made out of clay are the most susceptible. It’s important to detect this problem as soon as possible to prevent irreparable damage.

Root Intrusion

One of the biggest causes of sewer line damage is roots. Roots only need a microscopic opening to make their way into your sewer lines. Once they’ve entered, they can continue to grow until they’re stronger and more powerful than your sewer lines. If you have large trees on your property, it’s even more important to schedule regular sewer line inspections for this very reason.


Although sewer lines are made to be strong and last, they will eventually begin to deteriorate. Frequent chemical treatments can cause your sewer lines to corrode. If not detected and handled properly, a deteriorating sewer line could cause you to need to replace your entire sewage system. Preventative maintenance and sewer line inspections are the best way to prevent deterioration.

All Season Home Inspections Provides The Best Sewer Line Inspections In Colorado Springs

When you own a home, it’s crucial for sewer line inspections to be a part of your preventative maintenance plan. Sewer line damage is one of the most costly and destructive types of damage that can happen on your property. In order to make sure your sewer lines are clean, strong and working properly, schedule your sewer line inspection with All Season Home Inspections!

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