Additional Home Inspection Services

Additional Home Inspection Services

As a premier home inspection company in Colorado Springs, it’s our job to go above and beyond for your home inspection! Our expert team of certified inspectors can complete detailed residential inspections so you feel confident in your recent purchase. To make our residential inspections more thorough, All Season Home Inspections provides multiple services that new homeowners may not realize they need. In addition to our home and commercial inspections, we also provide the following services for your home.

Radon Mitigation

Radon is commonly found in basements of homes and can cause serious health issues for you and your family. At All Seasons Home Inspections, we highly recommend getting your home tested for radon. We will use specialized tools designed to detect radon in your home. If radon is found in your Colorado Springs home, we will inform you on how to mitigate the issue and make your home safe again.

Sewer Line Cleaning with Hydro-Jetting

Sewer line issues? Have us take care of them with our sewer line cleaning/hydro-jetting service! In older homes and some specific areas of Colorado Springs homes can have suboptimal sewer drain materials. Unfortunately, when these homes have sewer issues it can be costly. Get a sewer line inspection today to ensure that you drain is clean and ready to go!

Sprinkler Blow-Out/Repair

As a Colorado Springs resident, you know that sprinkler systems can be finicky. At All Season Home Inspections, we offer sprinkler repair, replacement, and winterizing to all of Colorado Springs. Sprinkler systems repairs can be difficult to do by your self and if you do not properly blow your sprinklers each year you may need some costly fixes in the summertime. Contact us today for all your sprinkler needs.

Benefits Of Commercial Inspections

Putting your money and trust into a new home can be overwhelming. Your home inspection should help bring you relief during this stressful process! That’s why at All Season Home Inspections, we take pride in providing thorough inspections and additional services to help put your mind at ease. These services include radon mitigation, sewer line cleaning with hydro-jetting and sprinkler blow out or repair. Each of these services brings an extra comforting quality to your home, the comfort of safety and confidence in your space.

Radon Mitigation

Newly purchased homes that receive effective radon mitigation can experience a reduction of radon levels up to 99 percent. By taking advantage of radon mitigation and what it does for a residence, new homeowners experience fewer indoor air quality issues including moisture and soil vapor intrusion. These air quality intrusions can severely affect a home’s air quality without a radon mitigation service. To help keep you and your family safe, we highly recommend adding radon mitigation to your new home’s inspection.

Sewer Line Cleaning

Whenever you purchase a new home, cleaning your sewer lines is extremely important, especially because you don’t know what the previous owners did to care for the home beneath the surface. All Season Home Inspections has the tools and experience necessary to thoroughly inspect and clean your sewer lines. After a top-of-the-line hydro-jetting service, you can expect a minimization in blockages, minimized odors throughout the home and pipe longevity!

Sprinkler Blow-Out

Having a new home means having a new sprinkler system! You want to make sure your system is cared for and works properly in the future, which is why we highly suggest having your sprinklers blown out or repaired during the inspection process. Sprinkler blow outs help remove any leftover water in the sprinkler system, preventing water from freezing within your pipes and ensuring your system stays dry. This helps prevent issues during the colder seasons, like cracked or burst pipes.

Additional Home Inspection Services FAQ

Radon is a naturally formed radioactive gas caused by the breakdown of uranium, thorium or radium in rocks, soil and groundwater that naturally rise through the foundation cracks of your home. Radon mitigation helps rid of these gases in your home, preventing you and your family from exposure.

You are exposed to radon primarily through the air that seeps through cracks in buildings and homes. Because radon is a natural radioactive gas from the earth, there are trace amounts in the atmosphere.

Radon exposure does not cause you immediate symptoms. However, Assessment of Risk for Radon in Homes estimates indoor exposure to radon causes approximately 21,000 deaths each year by lung cancer throughout the United States. Ultimately, lung cancer is the only health issue with direct correlation to radon exposure, occurring anywhere from 5 to 25 years after exposure.

Water jetting is the process of sending high-pressure water into a drain line to remove unwanted materials throughout your home’s sewer line.

This service is ideal for removing grease, silt, sand, hair build-up and more in your home’s sewer line.

At All Season Home Inspections, we pride ourselves on treating your home and belongings with respect. Our air compressor sits at an even pressure which makes it safe for all sprinkler systems, especially for your new home.

Unfortunately, no. Blowing out your sprinkler system does not keep your main water line from freezing. To try and prevent your water line from freezing, shut off any cold air seeping in from the outside. You can also wrap your water lines and meters in commercial insulation and your pipes with heating tape, which you can get from local hardware stores.

We ask that before a sprinkler blow out, you turn your sprinkler system to the “off” or “rain” position.

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