Sprinkler Blow-Out & Repair

Sprinkler Blow-Out Colorado Springs

All Season Home Inspections is your go-to inspection company in Colorado Springs for home inspections, commercial inspections, and additional services such as sprinkler blow-outs. In Colorado Springs, where the winters can get extremely cold, it’s important to blow your sprinkler system each year to avoid costly repairs. Blowing out your sprinklers, also known as winterizing your sprinkler system, helps prevent your sprinklers from freezing and then cracking and breaking. Unfortunately, when irrigation pipes break, it can cause your lawn to flood and make your water bills skyrocket. To avoid these costly disasters, call All Season Home Inspections today and schedule your sprinkler blow-out!

Benefits Of Professional Sprinkler Blow-Outs

Maintaining your sprinkler system is essential to avoid damage and costly repairs. However, if you’re not an experienced professional and attempt to blow out your sprinklers yourself, chances are you don’t have the proper equipment to complete the job correctly. Plus, it can be a dangerous job and has the potential to harm you and your sprinkler system. As the colder months approach, contact All Season Home Inspections and schedule your appointment with our team of trained professionals! Sprinkler blow-outs are a crucial part of maintaining any sprinkler system and come with many benefits, including:

Prevent Bursting Pipes

The primary purpose of blowing your sprinkler system is to remove any excess water present in the pipes. Excess water tends to accumulate in sprinklers from regular use during the warmer months. If you fail to have this water removed before winter rolls along, then that water will expand until it causes the pipes to burst. Plus, if you have a pipe burst, it can cause further internal damage to your entire sprinkler system.

Powerful Equipment

By hiring All Season Home Inspections to blow your sprinkler system, you can have confidence that we’ll complete the job with the most powerful equipment possible. To efficiently winterize your sprinkler system, you need to use a powerful, commercial-grade compressor. These compressors are powerful enough to remove water trapped in your sprinkler system yet gentle enough to maintain the integrity of the pipes.

Thorough Inspection

The best part about scheduling your sprinkler blow-out with our team is that we’ll audit your sprinkler system and make sure all components are working correctly during the process. If you have a pipe that needs repairs or a part of your sprinkler system requires a replacement, we’ll address and fix any problem areas and get everything back up and running efficiently before spring rolls around. 

Sprinkler Blow-Out & Repair FAQ

As a full-service company, our experienced professionals can repair or replace any parts of a malfunctioning sprinkler system. Possible repairs include installing new valves, replacing broken sprinkler heads, installing new timers, repairing drip lines, replacing backflows, and more!
If you don’t have your sprinklers blown out before the temperatures drop, you risk water inside your pipes freezing, expanding, and causing your pipes to burst. Bursting pipes can be hazardous and can cause costly irreparable damage.
State and local regulations require water systems in Colorado Springs to have a functioning backflow system. A backflow system helps keep drinking water safe by preventing contaminants from entering the water supply.
Of course! All Season Home Inspections can complete any of our services, including sprinkler blow-outs and repairs, on both residential and commercial properties.
The cost of this service depends on the number of irrigation zones in your sprinkler system. Once we better understand your sprinkler system and its size, we can provide you with a quote.
While every sprinkler system varies in size and complexity, it usually takes about 30 minutes to effectively blow out your sprinklers.

As long as our technicians can access your control box, you’re not required to be home during the service.

You want the service completed before the first freeze, which usually happens at the beginning of October in Colorado Springs. So starting in August, you want to think about contacting us so we can set you up with an appointment.

Schedule A Premier Sprinkler Blow-Out Today!

Whether you have a commercial or residential building, it’s essential to schedule a sprinkler blow-out every year to prevent your pipes from bursting. At All Season Home Inspections, we have the equipment and education necessary to complete state-of-the-art sprinkler blow-outs, sprinkler repairs, and sprinkler replacements. If you’re interested in protecting the integrity of your sprinkler system and want to make sure it won’t get damaged during the winter, then contact our team today!

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