Thermal Imaging Inspections

Thermal Imaging Home Inspections

All Season Home Inspections utilizes advanced infrared technology to allow our team to show you aspects of your home that are otherwise undetectable. Thermal imaging detects abnormalities in surface temperatures that may be signs of much bigger problems. This advanced, non-invasive technology has the ability to help our team of home inspectors detect problems such as electrical issues and water leaks. Infrared technology allows us to thoroughly inspect your home, inside and out, without having to open up your walls or create holes in your ceilings. Thermal imaging also enables our team to be able to detect if you have any nests or pests in your home. These critters create heat that the infrared camera is able to detect, and provides us with necessary information during our home inspections.

Thermal Imaging Uses

Home inspections completed with thermal imaging allow you to feel confident in the decisions surrounding your home. Whether you want to buy or sell, thermal imaging will provide you with a thorough, detailed report so you understand exactly what state your home is in. Infrared technology allows the team at All Season Home Inspections to detect a wide range of complications, including:

Pest Infestations

Having an infestation of pests that eat and destroy your wood is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Nests and the pests themselves radiate heat, which can be detected by our infrared technology. Thermal imaging inspections also allow our team of home inspectors to determine if you have larger critters within the structure of your home.

Electrical Issues

Infrared inspections are helpful in determining if you have any electrical defects. Whether your home has hot spots caused by an abnormally high amount of resistance in a circuit, or there’s a high current flow present, our team will be able to locate the problems before they turn into potentially dangerous issues.

Structural Defects

If your home isn’t built optimally, it can lead to an increased amount of energy loss, resulting in unusually high utility costs. Thermal imaging is able to detect multiple defects, including air leaks caused by a poorly sealed home. It can also detect if there are any insulation inconsistencies present that are causing excessive heat loss.

Plumbing Leaks

Thermal imaging is an amazing technology to utilize when it comes to inspecting your plumbing infrastructure. Leaking pipes emit temperature inconsistencies that we are able to detect with infrared technology. We’re able to thoroughly inspect all of your plumbing systems and see if you have leaks, and how drastic the leaks are.

Top-Of-The-Line Thermal Imaging Inspections With All Season Home Inspections

Whether you’re trying to decide if you want to sell your home, or you’re interested in purchasing a new home, it’s crucial to have an efficient home inspection completed. With All Season Home Inspections, we utilize our tools and years of experience to provide the best inspections possible. By using the advanced technology of thermal imaging, we’re able to provide you with a comprehensive look at the current state of your property. From leaks to infrastructure damage, our team of inspectors will be able to detect anything with thermal imaging! So, what are you waiting for? Schedule your premier inspection today!

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