Are You Under Pressure?

When you open up your faucet, you might not think too much about what pressure the water is under, but it can have quite a big impact on your plumbing. While most homeowners won’t notice that anything is off until the pressure is really low, the problem actually lies with pressure that is too high.

Ideally, the pressure in your water pipes should be just around 50 pounds per square inch, give or take 5 pounds, but if your pressure is higher than that, you could experience damage to your pipes. The added pressure will also damage appliances that are connected to a waterline.

You usually can’t control the pressure of the water supplied to your home, since it depends on external factors, but what you can do is to have a pressure regulator installed to get the pressure just right. In some homes, high water pressure could be a result of a faulty pressure regulator that needs to be replaced.

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