Birds – A Pesky Pest

So.. you wake up one morning, have your coffee, get ready for work, and as your walking out to your car, you look one look at the windshield, and all you see are big white spots plastered all over it. Bird poop… then you look over at the telephone wire across the street.. and there the culprits sit. What are you going to do about it?

Well birds of all kinds can be pests, but knowing the way to deter them from pooping all over your home and car is the real key. One thing that you can do is check to see what types of birds are being pests. Finding this out will help lead you to a good deterrent that will work in keeping the birds from pooping all over your property. One invention you can buy that is extremely effective is called the porcupine wire, or bird spikes. Its a harmless, effective way to keep birds from landing around or on your house edge. The device is simple, has many protruding spikes on each end of the wire, keeping the birds from landing and building nests in the first place.

Another great bird deterrent are approved bird repellent chemicals. The EPA has a list of the acceptable chemicals used in bird repellent, and they are safe to use around your home and property, and will also keep the birds away from your property. Keeping these things in mind will help you and your property safe from the dirty deeds of birds pooping and making nests everywhere the safe and right way.

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