Bugs Coming Out Of Your Sewer

No one likes bugs in their home. However, some insects can actually do damage to your home, and some spread disease, but others are just a nuisance. Sewer moths are in the last category. If you have sewer moths in your home, you might at first mistake them for fruit flies. The difference becomes obvious at closer examination, however. The sewer moth does not have clear wings, and when swatted, they leave a gray dust behind. Sewer moths, as the name implies, live in your sewer, which is why they usually are found around sinks and in bathrooms.

The problem with getting rid of sewer moths is that their nests inside of pipes are notoriously hard to get rid of. Boiling water and many chemicals will not successfully clean them out. The best method is to do a mechanical cleaning of the inside of your pipes with a snake or a similar tool.

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