Coyotes – Scavengers At Heart

You may live in an area where you can hear coyotes howling at midnight, or throughout the night, and it can be pretty scary sometimes. However, coyotes are not a real danger, unless their main sources of food run out. What can you do to prevent confrontation between coyotes and you? That will be the focus of today’s article.

The first thing that you can do is keep your garbage cans clean and empty out your been as much as possible. Because coyotes are scavengers, they will pretty much anything if their main sources of food run out. Coyotes have been known to eat certain vegetation, small animals, and garbage for food. So making sure that your garbage tans don’t have garbage in them in the first place, will help to prevent coyotes from coming around in first place.

The Next Step that you can take is, if you have farm animals, make sure that they are secured during the night and out of Harm’s Way. If an area is not properly fenced around the animals, coyotes can easily get in and kill the animals for meat. So making sure that having a strong, durable fence will allow the animals to remain safe. During hunting season, depending on what state you live in, coyote season can run from anywhere between December and March. So if they do become a nuisance between that. Of time, make sure that your permit specifically says that you can hunt coyotes.

Remembering these few things can allow you to continue to live in peace with coyotes, and keep your farm animals safe as well.

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