Don’t Let Your Trampoline Become A Deathtrap

Do you love seeing your children entertaining themselves on a trampoline? It is good exercise, and it is a victory for many parents today when they get their children to do something physical. Is it safe for your children to play on a trampoline though? The answer is that it can be if you set them up right. Most injuries on trampolines come from people bumping into each other while on it, so it might be wise to limit the number of children that can be on the trampoline at one time. It is also very dangerous if your children were to jump from an elevated position onto the trampoline, so you should instruct them of this danger, and you might want to make sure that there are no locations where they can jump from.

You also need to have netting installed around the trampoline since this will keep them from falling off of it and hurting themselves.

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