How Big Does Your Home Need To Be?

Have you ever thought about living small? Some chose to forgo a normal size home to live in one that is very small, in some cases even less than 100 square feet. Considering that the average American lives in a home that is about 2700 square feet, that is quite a difference.

So what makes someone choose to go that route? There are many different reasons for this. Some choose to live in a tiny home to get away from the daily grind that is involved with owning a home. You will save money on heating and cooling, and spend less time on upkeep, repairs and cleaning your home. This in turn will lead to more time for doing things that you love.

Others see it as an opportunity to become less dependent on public services, and instead opting for as much self-sufficiency as possible.

If you were to decide to go this route, you should remember that building codes still apply, and in some cases, very unique ones apply specifically to a tiny house.

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