Is Something Eating Your Home?

Have you ever experienced a termite attack? These insects can be very damaging, even leading to collapse of walls and similar issues. While termites look a lot like ants, they are actually more closely related to cockroaches. Just like with cockroaches, protection against termites will require you to be on the alert for any traces before they establish a foothold in your home, or it might become very difficult to get rid of them.

One sign that you can keep on the lookout for is often seen in the spring. That is the time when termites swarm, many times showing up around outdoors lamps. Their shed wings might also be left behind near your home. If you notice this, you should take steps to figure out if they made it into your home. Walking around the home and knocking on wooden parts of your home, you might notice sawdust falling out. This could very well be their entry point. You should keep dead wood away from your home. This includes fire wood. It is better to store this in a separate area.

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