Like A Bat Out Of The Attic

Do you hate the amount of bugs that you have in your backyard? If so, you might wish for some bats to come there and eat them, but having bats in the area comes with a possible downside. Bats need somewhere to live, and an attic could be ideal for them.

If there are ways for them to get into your attic, then they might decide to make it their home. Now you will be dealing with bat droppings which can spread disease and an attic that could be quite stressful to get into. So what can you do? Of course, plugging up any access points that the bats could use to get in would be your first step. This might require several attempts since bats can squeeze in through very small openings. It might be helpful to have a camera monitoring the attic to see how they are getting in. There might be a problem if you have bats that are inside when you are trying to patch things up. To make sure that you get them out, you can use something called a one-way excursion device that will let them crawl out but not get back in. Once your attic is free of bats, you can patch the last holes up and remove the devices.

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