Perlite – A Mason’s Insulation

There a tons of insulation’s out there, with varying degrees of success. Perlite is one those types of insulation’s that is sought after and used especially in masonry construction. What are the benefits? A few will be discussed in this article.

Perlite first of all is widely used as a loose fill insulation and makes it desirable especially, as stated before, in the masonry industry. It has a low toxicity level, which means that it won’t be a health risk to those who are installing it. It also is chemically inert, which also means that it will not corrode wiring, piping, or other materials that are easily corroded. Another interesting fact is that perlite is vermin resistant, keeping away all those pesky pests you may have. A fourth benefit to using perlite is that it fills all voids in the walls, so in effect, it dampens the sound.

A last benefit is that perlite is moisture resistant, so it can fill any space that water could possibly get in too. All in all, perlite is a great type of insulation that can really be used on any job site or home.  

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