Smoke Kills!

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to a smoke-filled room and the blaring of a smoke detector. Of course, that is a terrible experience that you would want to avoid at any cost, but do you know what would be worse? Not waking up at all. Unfortunately, that does happen at times, and often it is because of not having a smoke detector, or in some cases, not having batteries in the smoke detector.

One of the worst things that some choose to do when their smoke detector starts chirping due to a low battery is to just take the battery out and forgetting all about it. When smoke fills your room, you could end up passed out due to carbon monoxide poisoning, and by the time someone comes to save you, it might very well be too late.

Smoke detectors should be installed outside of every bedroom, as well as on every floor. They are essential for keeping you and your family safe.

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