Something Soft For Your Feet

If you have spent a full day standing and working on cement flooring, you realize how bad it is for your body. You will feel pain not only in your feet, but also in your legs and back. To avoid this extra strain on their employees, many companies install rubber flooring. Rubber flooring is readily accessible, and since it can be made from recycled car tires, it is a good choice from an environmentally conscious standpoint. It is very long lasting, since it takes a lot of wear before it gets damaged. In fact, as long as it isn’t exposed to light or heat, it will keep up very well.

Rubber flooring is slip resistant, so that is good for the safety of your employees. It also dampens sound, so it is good for use in a noisy environment. On top of all that, rubber flooring is also anti-static, so it is good for working with sensitive electronics.

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