Stopping a Snow Slide In It’s Tracks

Have you ever had snow fall down on you from a roof? It is not at all a pleasant experience, and it could even be lethal if there is a lot of heavy snow or ice. You would hate to have that happen to someone entering your home, but it does happen quite often. One method of controlling this is using snow guards. Snow guards aren’t usually installed on a roof when a home is built, but in areas where it snows a lot in the winter time, it is a wise choice to have them installed. Snow guards work by breaking up snow and ice sheets so they don’t come sliding down the roof in one large mass. They are usually installed at the bottom of the roof, but sometimes they get installed throughout the roof as well. It is however important to avoid installing them on an extended roof, such as over a porch or something similar, since the added weight that could result from it might make the roof cave in.

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