What Can Lightning Do To Affect Your Home?

We all know about how Benjamin Franklin was able to create the first lightning rod. But what can act as a lightning rod in your home and can have a bad affect on some of the things in your home? Two pieces of materials will be discussed in detail about safety and lightning.

For a start, a type of tubing called CSST, or Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing, was produced and installed both commercially and in family homes. This tubing is mainly used in gas lines, is very flexible, able to be mass produced, and works well. However, these qualities also have lead people to believe that this tubing is very susceptible to fire caused by lightning strikes. What will happen is electricity will travel down the tubes, then causes fires which burn holes through the tubing, allowing gas to escape and cause damage, and in a worse case scenario, a deadly gas explosion.

Another way lightning can cause damage to your house is by striking nearby electrical poles and lines. This strike would cause a surge in through the lines, and then a surge throughout all the electrical lines in your home. Any appliances plugged in, or electricity turned on, would cause it to in the end overload, and cause electrical damage to your home. A simple solution is to get a lightning rod, which would attract any possible strike away from your home, which would then turn it into a low resistance power and transfer it back into the ground.

Using this knowledge can help to benefit you and your family during a potential thunderstorm or severe storm.

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