What Dust Can Do To Your Business

Is dust really a problem worth considering? You might not think so, but as a business owner, there are many concerns that dust bring. For one thing, it leaves a bad impression with customers when the merchandise on your shelves are covered in dust. The effects could be even more serious however. Fine dust in the air that is breathed in can cause respiratory problems in your customers and employees. In extreme cases, when the dust is very fine, it could even lead to fibrosis of the lungs and cancer.

So, what can you do to keep your dust levels down? Your first step is to make sure that you have filters installed and replaced with regularity. You will not be able to keep a place of business quite as clean as a residential building, but keeping up with cleaning is still very important to prevent dust buildup. Any machinery that you have that generates a lot of dust should be vented outside the building to prevent it from making the situation worse.

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