Where Should You Cut Costs

When you need your home inspected, how much do you expect to pay? Not everyone feels like an inspection is a worthwhile expense, especially when there are so many other things that need to be paid for when selling or buying a house. This might lead them to going for the cheapest possible inspection they can find on the internet, but why might that not be the best idea?

Well, if you have an inspector that doesn’t have the training or tools to do the job properly, you might end up having serious issues that are missed in the inspection. If you are selling your home, this could lead to a delayed or lost sale. If you are buying a home, you might need to deal with issues that are very costly once they become apparent.

Becoming an InterNACHI certified inspector takes more than a payment and a signature on a certificate. There are strict guidelines and training, which in turn will lead to a higher quality inspection.

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