Your Friend the HVAC unit

The heat is on! Well, not inside of your home so much as outside these days, and we’re quickly approaching the time when the AC will be used instead. Your HVAC system should be in top shape to be ready for the change in weather, otherwise you might be spending more money than you need to to keep the temperature pleasant. A well maintained HVAC system is also going to last longer, so it is definitely an item that should be on your maintenance list.

Basic care for your HVAC system involves replacing filters. While this might seem like a minor thing, it can have a big impact on the efficiency of your system. You should also ensure that your unit is kept clean since debris and dirt buildup can restrict airflow.

Your HVAC system will generate some noise, but you should be familiar with the sound it makes during regular operation since a change in the way it sounds could mean that it is time to have it serviced by a professional.

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