Your Furry Enemies

Have you ever had to deal with rodents in your home? Depending on where you live, we might be talking about chipmunks, rats, mice, or squirrels, but all these pests have a knack for making it into your home and causing trouble.

While they might be fascinating to observe in nature, they are a lot less fun to see indoors. They can spread disease, damage your walls and wires, and make a mess by building nests and going to the bathroom inside your home.

If you notice traces of a rodent infestation, such as shredded newspaper or fabric in weird places, or collections of seeds and other food, you should take action immediately. Make sure that you check the perimeter of your home for possible entry points and block them up. Keep food in sealed containers and put your food garbage in bags and sealed garbage cans. It might be necessary to contact an exterminator if you are unable to take care of the problem with traps and pesticides.

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